Wearing Recommendations

Wearing Recommendations

Everyone has a different experience with Revs. Our Customer Reviews are great for showing all the different uses and benefits – here’s our suggestions on when and how to wear Revs Reflexology Shoes.

It is recommended you wear Revs at your own pace until you become accustomed to them. Only you will know how long to wear them for. Some people start with just 10 to 30 minutes each day, some perhaps wear them for a few hours, and some people can wear them all day every day from Day 1.

When you first start wearing Revs Reflexology Shoes some people can find their feet a little sensitive, and some people relish the deep massage right away! Our recommendation is that you wear them gradually, starting with short periods of time (around 10 to 30 minutes each day). If your feet are sensitive, it may also help to wear socks with them at first. This is similar to receiving reflexology treatments, where you may feel some discomfort where there is congestion or an imbalance in your reflexes when they are first worked by a therapist. Each person is different, so it is important to extend the wear time at your own pace.

It will normally take three days to three weeks to become used to wearing Revs. After a few weeks your feet should feel used to them, and in fact many people then wear Revs all day, every day. They become so comfortable they don’t want to take them off, so they buy a pair for outdoor use and a pair for use as slippers!

Are Revs for indoor and outdoors?

Yes, we have tried to develop a range that are suitable for all seasons, and for indoor and outdoor use. We are still building our range, so do make sure you tell us what you styles you would like to see us make!

For now we have a range of flip flops for the spring and summer season, in so many colours there is sure to be one there for everyone’s taste!

We also have the Revs Clever Clogs, which many people asked for as they needed to wear closed-toe shoes for work. We also recommend these as house shoes or slippers. You can wear these with or without socks – if you wear socks the massaging effect will be a little less than if you wear your bare feet, so it may depend on how you’re feeling or if you’re cold, whether you wear socks or not.

Our Revs massage insoles are great for the winter and for all other shoes you wear. They are great for many foot conditions as they can support flat feet, soothe tired feet, help with plantar fasciitis, morton’s neuroma, diabetes, corns and callouses. They are also great of you have cold tootsies as they will help imrpove your bllod flow and increase your circulation.

Our aim is to provide a range of products that you can wear all your round so you are always getting the benefits and comfort of Revs!

Health Benefits

When will I start to feel the benefits?

People have reported feeling better after wearing their Revs for just a few weeks, although bear in mind this depends on how often and how long you wear them.

You may feel subtle changes at first, and then realise you have experienced bigger improvements in your health over time. Ailments, discomforts and illness may be alleviated or even disappear, and you may feel your mood and energy levels have really improved!

The Revs footwear will improve your circulation, and stimulate your body’s own organs and systems to work at their optimum levels. The body has its own powerful healing response, and reflexology aims to stimulate this into normal functioning and achieve its natural balance or equilibrium. It is important to drink plenty of water when you are wearing Revs.

Wearing your Revs will have a similar effect as a having a reflexology treatment – the massaging action of the nodules will dislocate and dissolve accumulated waste and toxins in the soles of your feet. Drinking more water than normal will help to flush out those wastes. (Please note their health benefits will also depend on other lifestyle factors, and medical conditions you may have. For example, if you smoke you are unlikely to receive the same level of health benefits in the short or long term).

Are Revs Reflexology Shoes Scientifically Proven to Improve Health?

In 2004 there was a research study conducted by the Kyoto University Graduate School of Medicine which provided modern scientific evidence of the health benefits of Reflexology Shoes. The premise of the study was that the Reflexology Massage Sole can ease or prevent fatigue. Tiredness is a serious problem for people in our stressful modern society. Various alternative treatments and health products are gathering attention for relieving tiredness and associated complaints and illnesses. There is however little research on how such sandals affect tiredness. In this research, the health benefits of massage sandals were examined, a simple health product anyone can use, to see its capability in preventing and easing tiredness. The findings of the study concluded that after wearing the Reflexology Sandals, participants had:

  • more energy
  • a pulse rate that remained significantly lower/improved circulation
  • reduced swelling (in the feet and legs)
  • reduced foot pain
  • a warmer, happier mood

Will I feel the same results as other people?

Most probably not. Everyone is unique – your experience will be based on your health and lifestyle. Revs are suitable and useful for everyone, old and young, fit and not so fit.

Revs have been recommended as a great recovery shoe for marathon runners and athletes. But don’t worry if you are a couch potato, because can Revs can also offer lots of benefits.

The massaging effect from wearing Revs footwear will stimulate the reflexes on your feet, and based on the principles of reflexology, this will have a corresponding impact on your organs, glands and muscles in your body.

If your health and lifestyle is fairly poor, you may experience discomfort or sensitivity when you first start wearing Revs, this is because there are areas of congestion in your body and correspondingly in your feet. This congestion will dispel with the massaging effect of the Revs nodules.