Blood Flow & Circulation

Why is good blood flow and circulation so important for our health and well-being? First of all we should explain how circulation and blood flow work. The blood circulatory system, also known as [...]

Revs – A Truly Personal Gift

Revs are the most personal gift you can give this Christmas – this is because everyone will experience different benefits and changes to their health & well-being depending on what is [...]

Revs New Slipper Range!

We are thrilled to launch our new slipper range for men & women, and just in time for Christmas! Gifts for mums and dads, Grannies and Grandpas, sisters and brothers, aunts and [...]

What are Revs wearing recommendations?

It is recommended you wear Revs to suit you, your health and your lifestyle. Wear them as often or as little as you can until you become accustomed to them. Some people can wear them all day [...]

Reflexology & Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia (or sometimes referred to muscular rheumatism, or fibrositis) can be a long-term, debilitating and chronic condition. This condition is diagnosed by widespread pain and tenderness [...]

Christmas in the Sun – Special Bundle

Enjoy savings of £30, almost one third off the normal price, with our Christmas in the Sun Bundle.

Christmas Bundle – Day Time Foot Pamper

Revs Gel Insoles and Foot File - HALF PRICE XMAS STOCKING FILLER

Christmas Bundle – Night Time Foot Pamper

Moisturising Gel Socks and Detox Foot Patches - HALF PRICE XMAS SPECIAL

Our choice of Revs for Meghan Markle

With the Duchess of Sussex expecting their first child, we thought we’d choose the perfect Revs gift for her. Her style is classic and sophisticated and we think she would suit the the Revs [...]

Reflexology and Tinnitus

Can Reflexology help alleviate the condition or reduce the symptoms of Tinnitus. What is Tinnitus? Tinnitus is a ringing, or buzzing, or singing noise in your ears. You have no control over the [...]

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