Marching For Men

  “Team Revs” are Marching For Men this Sunday, 16th June on Father’s Day. We will be helping to celebrate, commemorate and raise funds for Prostate Cancer UK. We highly [...]

Father’s Day Gifts

Catering for all seasons across all continents, for all ages and styles. Is your dad the colourful flip flop kind of guy, or a supportive sandal type? Or maybe he’s most comfortable in his [...]

Revs® Technology & Benefits Explained

The technology and science behind Revs® is fascinating and it can be easier to understand when someone explains it to you rather than reading lots of information. In our new video we explain how [...]

Festival Essentials

It’s Festival Season, and whether you are going for one day or one week, you will be on your feet A LOT! Here’s what Revs can offer as part of your Festival Essentials Kit.   [...]

Menopause & Reflexology

We have enjoyed the start of the #Menopause BBC awareness week and wanted to share our thoughts on how Reflexology Massage & Acupressure could contribute to the relief of some symptoms [...]

Revs Relieves Lower Back Pain

We wanted to share a testimonial about how Revs Massage Footwear relieved lower back pain for one of our loyal customers, Kim Crawford. Kim started wearing Revs in 2015 and has benefitted hugely [...]

Revs – A Truly Personal Gift

Revs are the most personal gift you can give this Christmas – this is because everyone will experience different benefits and changes to their health & well-being depending on what is [...]

Revs New Slipper Range!

We are thrilled to launch our new slipper range for men & women, and just in time for Christmas! Gifts for mums and dads, Grannies and Grandpas, sisters and brothers, aunts and [...]

Our choice of Revs for Meghan Markle

With the Duchess of Sussex expecting their first child, we thought we’d choose the perfect Revs gift for her. Her style is classic and sophisticated and we think she would suit the the Revs [...]

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