It is recommended you wear Revs to suit you, your health and your lifestyle. Wear them as often or as little as you can until you become accustomed to them. Some people can wear them all day every day from Day 1, while others need time to get used to them. This is because some people feel them sensitive at first, and this can be due to areas of congestion in the feet. When areas are congested or out of balance they can feel uncomfortable, similar to when you receive a reflexology treatment. The degree of sensitivity depends on what is going on for you, and so reflexology treatments, and wearing Revs, is a completely individual experience. Some familiar comments from customers are:

“Oooooh they’re a bit spikey, but only for the first day, now I wear them all the time”

“Woh, not what I was expecting, but I persevered, and now I don’t wear anything else”

“Love them, didn’t feel sore at all, just bliss”

“They felt like needles, but now they are the most comfortable shoe I own. Seems I had a few toxins I had to break down and that’s why they felt so sore at first. now I feel great and they are super comfy”

“You gotta persevere, and if you do, you will love Revs, wish I had found them earlier”

“Agony with a hangover, I was told this was my liver and kidney reflexes! Think it must be right as they are only sore at the weekend when I drink alcohol”

“Only sore if I have a cold, so there’s something that works about them”

“They were never sore on me, but I did go to the toilet A LOT for the first week I was wearing them. Maybe I should have worn them a bit less, but I was happy detoxing, and I felt so much less bloated!”

“I had plantar fasciitis and I can’t say they were sore, it was just a conscious feeling that something was working on my heels, and after a few weeks, the pain disappeared, amazing as nothing else worked and I had PF for about 6 months”

“I am diabetic and found them torture for the first 3 days, now they are my best friend”

“Thank you Revs for making me persevere, I was about to give up but when I spoke to Revs Customer Service they told me the areas I was experiencing pain in was my stomach and colon and as I suffer from IBS, that makes sense. I wore them for only 20 minutes each day for about 1-2 weeks and now I wear them all the time without thinking about the time and I can’t definitely say my IBS is so much better”.

“I was really really thirsty when I wore then, they were a bit uncomfortable but not as much as I was expecting, I drank pints of water each day, my body’s way of telling me I was dehydrated and that is why they were sore to start with. They are so comfy, what an invention”.

“I’ve heard so much about these shoes and now I know why! I was not impressed at first, too sore, but I am overweight and have swollen ankles, but what a difference. Took a few weeks but my ankles are far better and I have more energy, sleeping better, and so now I have a weight loss plan to follow to”

We suggest you wear Revs for 10-30 minutes each day until you become accustomed to them. Build up usage as you feel comfortable, and wear them as you need or want to. There are no fixed rule. Some people thrive on a bit of pain with a ‘no pain no gain’ attitude, others are just not patient and want to see results right away. Enjoy the journey and the changes and the benefits you will experience along the way. We are confident that if you do, you will see results.

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