Reading your feet can reveal Emotional imbalances

by the look, colour & texture of the skin.


Your feet have a message for you.

They are telling you something about how you feel on both the outside and the inside. One of our aims at Revs Store, is to give you the footwear to help you achieve optimum health and well-being, through physical and emotional healing, and balance.


Examples of how emotional imbalances may present:

  • Hard Skin or Callouses may represent an area of protection, e.g. an emotion from a long time ago that you have buried.
  • Corns can also be a sign of protecting a specific issue
  • Bunions means you do too much for others and not enough for yourself
  • Itchy Skin, especially on the sole of the foot, could indicate irritation
  • Cracked Heels suggests there are obstacles you must overcome before moving forward
  • Rough Skin may mean you are going through a rough time
  • Damp Skin could be a sign of anxiety, or a detox reaction
  • Verrucas are usually a sign of a deep rooted issue
  • Athlete’s Foot is a sign that someone is getting on your nerves, interfering or doubting you, and preventing you from moving forward with your own goals
  • Blisters – someone is rubbing you up the wrong way and you are being affected most
  • Dry Skin – a need for more warmth and love
  • Peeling – reveals the need for a fresh start
  • Oedema or Swelling in the reflexes – this reveals a long term emotion, having built up over a long period of time
  • Flat Feet – You are very sociable and enjoy the support of others
  • High Arches – You are independent, find it hard to accept help, and need more alone time

The first thing to consider with any condition on your feet is: does the area, or reflex point, where the condition lies represent any physical imbalance, e.g. if you have hard skin at the shoulder area on your foot, under the little toe, is this because of a shoulder injury or pain? Or it could be due to stance, gait, posture, weight or even poor footwear. If none of these apply, and there is no physical cause to the particular reflex, then we can consider an emotional imbalance as the reason for dry areas on the feet.

By understanding if there is an emotional cause, it will help you to release this emotion and create more harmony in your body and life.

The Colour of Your Feet may also reveal which emotion is involved:

  • Red – anger
  • Yellow – fed up
  • Blue – hurt or hurtful
  • White – exhausted

This should give you food for thought. If you find that when wearing Revs® you experience any sensitivity or tingling, or itchiness, or swelling have a think about what could be causing this. For example, a red swelling on the heart reflex could represent anger about giving or receiving love.

Left Foot and Right Foot Differences:

It is generally accepted that the right foot is past while the left foot is present. For example if you have suffered from a chest infection – it initially shows on the left foot reflex, but moves to the right when you have recovered, as a past infection. Emotions present in a similar way, if you are affected by an emotion in the present, it will affect your left foot; and if there is a more deep rooted issue from the past, this would show on your right foot.

Another consideration is that the right foot is also considered the “male foot” and the left foot is the “female foot”. This related to female and male energy and also how we relate to men and women. So if you cannot relate to any emotional issues, consider if the male/female link could be a reason for reflex imbalance, e.g. if the right foot is suffering from any imbalances or is uncomfortable, it could be a lack of male energy in your life, or an area of conflict with a male. Similarly if the left foot is affected, there could be lack of female energy, or conflicts with females, be it friends or family. Interestingly women with menstrual issues, especially menopause, the whole left foot may be more tender.

One more thing to consider with the left and right foot differences is that the reflexes on the right foot can be about processing and those on the left are about elimination. Again, it is more food for thought and we encourage you to think about what may or may not be the cause of any sensitivity in your reflexes to allow you to clear any blockages, and free yourself from past angst, conflict, guilt, regret, anger or grief, whatever it may be.

The physical and the emotional reflexology charts below should help you consider or discuss areas of concern.


The Physical Reflexology Chart


The Emotional Reflexology Chart



Remember to also check our Revs® wearing recommendations to ensure you can get the most from your reflexology footwear, and create happiness, harmony and balance in your life. If Revs® can help create or change your feet to soft, comfortable feet, contented feet, then we’re as happy as you will be. Revs® is a journey with every step, and every thought, you take.

References: Reflexes: physical and emotional, A Reflexologists; Guide, by Tracey Smith, Sally Earlam, Laura Franzen, Sue Ricks and Jane Sheehan: 2016

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