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My passion and belief in the benefits of Reflexology Massage is always growing. As a Reflexologist I am continually amazed by the benefits people receive from this treatment, and in 2010 I embarked on a journey to look for or develop Reflexology Shoes – because I wanted to receive the same benefits but without the need for the cost and time of treatments. Being a busy mum of two I wanted to massage my feet while I went about my daily business.

I don’t think Reflexology Massage is hugely well-known and I would love to spread the word about the benefits it can have on your health and well-being. I searched the globe high and low, and I tried various brands currently available in the market worldwide. I just could not find what I was looking for – they were either poor quality, or uncomfortable, the massage nodules were in the wrong places or the wrong shape and size, so I decided the best thing to do was to develop my own Reflexology Shoes.


The plan was to develop a stylish, comfortable, affordable shoe that is of course effective. It needs to work…..and the test results were astonishing and brilliant! When I first started wearing these Reflexology Shoes I ran to the toilet all day! I needed loads of water and I was super sleepy. After a few days the detox was over and I felt on top of the world! They were also super comfy so I’m thinking these shoes really work, these are the ones! So… my next trial was my mum. She has very severe Rheumatoid Arthritis and Revs are the only shoes that don’t make her feet, knees and legs ache! The pain relief for her was amazing and on this basis, she has Revs Clogs as slippers, Revs Sandals for Summer and Revs insoles for the winter – she won’t be without them!

Next stop …..my dad. He has huge big bunions – and once he wore Revs, he was sold, never takes them off – even climbed Mount Vesuvius in them! No need for walking boots he said….and his feet didn’t hurt once during the ascent or the descent! His feet used to always be freezing but with the Revs insoles, his circulation increases and his feet are kept toasty warm during the cold winter months.Then it was my brother’s turn – after a serious motorbike accident when he broke his back and had various other complications, his back and neck has never been the same…until Revs. The pain has subsided massively and he has reduced his pain medication to zero now, but just one warning – he can’t wear them with a hangover! His kidney and reflex points on the soles of his feet are too sensitive after a night on the sauce!

Next and my last trial was my sister – woh wheezer she got lots of benefits, some we will have to keep to ourselves, but suffice to say, she now sleeps like a baby, is stress-free, relaxed and full of beans! She likes the Revs Lights and has every colour in the range!

Revs Work

I am pleased to say Revs tick all my boxes!

1 ) First of all it works – the Reflexology Massage sole treats the body as Reflexology Massage is supposed to do! Not only do we receive 100% positive feedback from back pain to Cellulite reduction, relief from Constipation and Plantar Fasciitis – and much more – we are also pleased to say the massaging effects of the Reflexology Shoes, have been scientifically proven to improve health and wellbeing, when they were tested specifically on how they improved energy levels, mood and circulation!

2) Revs are not only for the health conscious but for the fashion conscious too, the range is stylish, comfortable and affordable, the range and technology suits all ages, for both men and women; and is for smart and casual wear; different styles and colours; open toes and closed toe shoes; and for indoor and outdoor use!

By developing our Revs range, our long term goal is to give you every opportunity to enjoy the Revs health benefits all year round and on a daily basis, by offering you styles for wearing as smart or casual wear, at work or home, for holidays or slippers.The only way for you to really understand how Revs work and the benefits of Revs Shoes for you is to wear them. For the average price of one Reflexology treatment, you have a pair of shoes to wear all day every day, allowing you to receive regular reflexology and maintain good health. Do follow the wearing recommendations as everyone is different and the experience and effects will vary from one person to another, depending on your health, well-being, and lifestyle.

Please send me any feedback you have – I love to hear your experience and happy to answer any questions you have too. If you are already a Revs fan, do help me spread the word and share your stories on Facebook and twitter or for those of you who still enjoy a conversation, please tell all your friends and family!

Meet the rest of the team….Our Customer Service Team, Our Management Team – important things like design, marketing and purchasing and of course our Warehouse, and Dispatch Team – could not live without them!

Jen Antliff, Owner

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