About Revs

Revs Classics, The Massage Sandal for Men and Women in Earth BrownRevs is simply an abbreviation for Revitalise Your Sole. Revs is an exclusive brand, by Kenkoh Europe Ltd. Revs specialises in Reflexology Massage Footwear, with the aim of providing you with an effective, comfortable, supportive massage shoe, which is also stylish and suitable for all occasions, and all ages and stages in life. Whether you are a sport fanatic or prefer a more leisurely pace to life, or have specific ailments you are looking to target Revs shoes offer you a natural healing therapy.

Revs is

Designed in Scotland

shared with the world

A Classic Look
Timeless styles for casual and smart wear, indoor and outdoor use.

Functional and Versatile

Many uses, Numerous benefits, for old and Young, For the athletes and the Inactive.
Personable and Unique
Colours to suit all moods, vibrant or calm, energetic or relaxing.
A Sophisticated Design
A shoe with a purpose, to create comfort and joy for the sole
A Natural Therapy
Inspired by Reflexology, an ancient healing art, to enhance health & well-being
Sorely addictive
an individual experience of curious pleasure and gain

Key Features of Revs

1. The Reflexology Massage Insole

The natural rubber nodules on the soles of the shoe consist of varying heights & widths to target each & every reflex in your feet. By stimulating these reflexes it will help to improve nerve & blood supply, & promote circulation, helping to prevent or alleviate many health problems, in a natural way. Revs provides you with a daily reflexology foot massage, giving you an easy & effective way to help you remove congestion & toxic waste from your body. The Revs foot massage cleanses & rebalances your body making you feel, & look, healthier & happier.

There are many benefits of reflexology massage, too many to name here but they are all listed here.


2. Shock Absorbing Sole and Cushion Comfort

The materials for Revs have been chosen for their durability, comfort & quality. The nodules are designed to sit within the shape & contours of the feet so every organ, gland & muscle they correspond to within your body are stimulated. The sole of the Revs shoes also contains elastomer to provide shock absorbing qualities and soft cushioning, excellent for relieving painful, tired feet & legs.

People who suffer from Plantar Fasciitis, Heel Pain, Pronantion problems, Diabetes & Neuropathy, Swollen Feet & Legs have benefited from wearing Revs.

3. Orthotic Arch Support

The Revs Sandal Range* contains an invisible, biomechanical orthotic arch which support flat feet & fallen arches, & helps to align the position & function of the feet & lower limbs, off-loading pressure & pain.

Revs is your summer solution to orthopaedic footwear.

*The Revs Flip Flop Range have a slight orthotic arch but not as ergonomic as the Revs Sandal Range. If you are buying Revs for Arch Support we recommend the Revs Sandals.

Revs Look Book, Pink Revs Flip Flops with Pink SuperDry BackPackWho are Revs for?

Revs are not only for the health conscious but for the fashion conscious too, the range is stylish, comfortable and affordable, the range and technology suits all ages, for both men and women; and is for smart and casual wear; different styles and colours; open toes and closed toe shoes; and for indoor and outdoor use! They are for athletes or for the infirm with specific ailments they want to target. Dress them up or down, wear them smart or casual, inside & out, as slippers or as sandals.
The only way for you to really understand how Revs work and the benefits of Revs Shoes for you is to wear them. For the average price of one Reflexology treatment, you have a pair of shoes to wear all day every day, allowing you to receive regular reflexology and maintain good health. Do follow the wearing recommendations as everyone is different and the experience and effects will vary from one person to another, depending on your health, well-being, and lifestyle.

We love to hear your experience and happy to answer any questions you have. Please contact us or join us on Facebook and twitter.