Making Life Easier

Life can be hard, but we are here to enjoy it…you only live once they say so let’s make the most if it…make it easier so you can enjoy the good times!

So many of us suffer from busy lives and stressful environments. Whether we are juggling work and home demands, if we are carers, running our own business, students.… no matter what you do or where you are, everyone has to deal with the stresses and strains of life differently, everyone has their own ‘stuff’ to deal with. It is how we handle it that makes the difference, so here are just a couple of quick tips to help. I don’t want to bombard you with too much as that makes it too difficult to incorporate into your life, so I might make this a regular blog with a couple of tips every so often that you might find helpful. Here’s my first one anyway.

Relax with RevsOne of the aims of Revs footwear is to make it very easy for you to get the benefits of reflexology and in turn feel better. I realise my business has been created because of the way I try to run my life, taking short cuts and making things quicker and easier to do, so I can fit in more in one day with less effort!

So here I give you some of the recent tips I have found for making some of my day to day jobs quicker and easier! Clearly Revs is a daily thing for me – my Revs are on my feet as soon as I wake up until I go to bed. Revs provide an easy, quick, long-lasting and effective way to feel great – to rebalance, detox, relieve pain and ultimately to look after ourselves with a natural healing therapy without the need for the time and expense of going for a treatment. Revs Reflexology footwear is effective, enjoyable and easy.

And so here are other areas of my life that I can make more effective, enjoyable and easy…. simple but so beneficial. I have never been one for technology, but I am impressed by some apps that I feel the need to share with you. I am sure you will find them helpful, if you don’t already know of them, maybe I am behind the times on these, but since I started browsing apps, I am knocked over by the amount that are available to “make life easier”.

Here are just a couple I want to share, if I share too many you can’t choose which ones to download first or ever, so best to just share a bit at a time….sticking with the moto of making life easier here! So the two apps below are useful because they combine my super busy schedule where time is of the essence, and declutter a busy mind and life:

Sto CardStoCard – simply lightens the load of your purse and your key ring! Ditch all your loyalty cards and store them instead in this app – 99% of us carry our smart phones everywhere so this way you always have your loyalty cards to keep topping up the points and you don’t have to carry around the bulging wallet or purse anymore! I know my key ring was so full of loyalty key rings I could barely find the keys! Oh and it is free! And you can add other cards, like library cards or membership cards etc.

BlinkistBlinkist – now this does cost money once you’re in it, but you get a summary of all the books you like the idea of reading but don’t have the time for. Get the main learning points of a book that could take you normally weeks or months to go through in 15 minutes or less…definately useful for digesting and understanding the key messages and easier to retain too!

I’ll keep sharing any other helpful tips or apps as I find them! I reckon cooking and exercise have got to feature next…we all want to fit these into our week a little more easily. Have a great, and easy, day.

Relax with Revs