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Revitalising Insoles Balance Stimulation with Comfort

Who said you can’t have a foot in both camps?

The Revs® reflexology insoles with patented nodule configuration are designed to match the contours of the foot and stimulate the reflexes with an enhanced massage effect.

Massaging these reflex points stimulates the corresponding organs, glands, and muscles throughout the body to increase blood flow and boost energy levels.

Stylish by Design, Healthy by Nature

A little bit of what you fancy does you good!

The Revs® reflexology foot massage cleanses & rebalances your body making you feel and look, healthier & happier.

Manufactured with high quality, vegan-friendly materials, Revs® contain EVA elastomer midsoles, with rubber-like softness and flexibility, for heightened shock absorbing qualities and cushion comfort.

Good Poise, Posture and Movement

Don’t put a foot wrong.

Precision engineered orthotic insoles with biomechanical structure and arch support assist posture and movement by keeping bones and joints in correct alignment.

The elastomer upper sole provides soft cushioning, an enhanced massage effect and puts a spring in your step.

Healthy Blood Flow and Circulation

Revs® will knock your socks off!

As the nodules press and stimulate the reflexes and veins in your feet, it increases blood flow throughout your body. This improves the circulation helping to keep your feet warm and boost your body temperature and energy levels.

Regular reflexology creates homeostasis (balance in the body), which is represented by the inyo symbol in our logo.

Natural Relief from Ailments and Health Conditions

Put your best foot forward.

Healthy blood flow promotes detoxification, removing areas of congestion and imbalance, which helps prevent or alleviate health problems in a natural, drug-free way.

Excellent for relieving painful, tired feet and legs. People who suffer from plantar fasciitis, heel pain, pronation problems, diabetes & neuropathy, swollen feet and legs have benefitted from wearing Revs®.