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Light Tan Reflexology Sandals

£49.99 £59.99
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 A Timeless Style in the classic colours of Black, Browns and Tan. Our versatile massage sandals come with health and well-being benefits, offering comfort, with a cushioned sole and supportive orthotic arch. 

Reported benefits from wearing Revs massage sandals include: helping with energy levels, foot pain, plantar fasciitis, flat feet, constipation, insomnia, mood, arthritic and joint pain relief, back, knee and neck pain, swollen legs and ankles, cold feet and even reducing cellulite!

In summary, Revs® design and technology is based on the science of Reflexology Massage, as there are reflex points on our feet which correspond to all of our organs, glands and parts of the body. Revs Sandal range contain thousands of soft rubber nodules and elastomer that massage the reflex areas on your feet while you walk. Stimulating these reflexes through the daily reflexology foot massage aims to improve nerve and blood supply, and boost circulation and energy levels. Detoxing and removing the areas of congestion in our feet through reflexology massage may also prevent or alleviate many health problems.

Please note the colour of the material on these shoes may vary from the picture and enjoy splashes of differences on the shoes itself, as we want to retain the character of the material. Over time and with water, the colour of the shoes may also change. This is normal and will settle with wear.

All Revs shoes are Vegan.