Reflexology Shoes And Their Health Benefits

Health Benefits

There are a host of reported health benefits from wearing Revs Reflexology Massage Footwear. We receive some lovely messages and feedback from our customers about how Revs Reflexology Massage Footwear benefits them. The benefits vary and are entirely individual. In a similar way to a reflexology treatment, everyone’s experience is different. Whether you suffer from a specific health condition or simply want to wear them as a preventative measure, or just for comfort and relaxation, Revs Reflexology Shoes are sure to do something for everyone!

Reflexology Foot Chart

People who have worn Revs Reflexology Shoes have also seen improvements in the following conditions:

Are Revs Reflexology Shoes Scientifically Proven to Improve Health?

In 2004 there was a research study conducted by the Kyoto University Graduate School of Medicine which provided modern scientific evidence of the health benefits of Reflexology Shoes.

The premise of the study was that the Reflexology Massage Sole can ease or prevent fatigue.

Tiredness is a serious problem for people in our stressful modern society. Various alternative treatments and health products are gathering attention for relieving tiredness and associated complaints and illnesses. There is however little research on how such sandals affect tiredness. In this research, the health benefits of massage sandals were examined, a simple health product anyone can use, to see its capability in preventing and easing tiredness.

The findings of the study concluded that after wearing the Reflexology Sandals, participants had:

  • more energy
  • a pulse rate that remained significantly lower/improved circulation
  • reduced swelling (in the feet and legs)
  • reduced foot pain
  • a warmer, happier mood

Read more here about the Revs wearing recommendations and when you start to feel the benefits of Revs.

It is important to drink plenty of water when you are wearing Revs. Wearing your Revs will have a similar effect as a having a reflexology treatment – the massaging action of the nodules will dislocate and dissolve accumulated waste and toxins in the soles of your feet. Drinking more water than normal will help to flush out those wastes.

(Please note their health benefits may also depend on other lifestyle factors, and medical conditions you may have. For example, if you smoke we believe you are unlikely to receive the same level of health benefits in the short or long term).