Revs, and Reflexology for Brides

The Wedding dayRelax and Revitalise for your Wedding Day and Honeymoon

The Big Day is an exciting an wonderful occasion, and it can also be overwhelming in so many ways – planning a wedding is a massive undertaking with so many things, people and places to organise. Some people have family politics thrown in which can add to the stress! Plus, there is of course getting married itself – this can be an exciting yet emotional time and there is a huge expectation for all Brides that their Wedding Day must be perfect. It’s stressful and exhausting. By the time your Big Day finally arrives you are most likely ready for a rest rather than be the focus of attention and have to smile all day! The amount of brides that end up leaving their wedding early or getting drunk would surprise you!

So, how can we avoid the stresses and strains of wedding planning and marriage vows? Sharing the load is definitely a help when it comes to organising things like your wedding cake, photographer, invitations, favours, make-up etc. Some brides though take much more on mentally as well as physically…all Brides focus on losing weight, or growing their hair, or starting an exercise and diet regime so they will look their best not only for their wedding but for the Honeymoon too. Brides put a huge amount of pressure on themselves to look fabulous, they forget that the Groom has proposed to them for who they are and loves them for just the way the look now. Most Grooms by the time the propose will have seen their Brides in all sorts of different ways – with and without make-up, hair done or not done, looking pale, looking tanned…. Don’t forget they love you, no matter what (or you shouldn’t be getting married!) so you don’t need to change your figure, shape or looks. It is OK though to make an effort and to look your best, just try to not let it overshadow everything else.

Here are our top tips for preparing for your wedding day:

  • Don’t compare your wedding to your friend’s or any body else. This is your day, it should be individual and based on your tastes, oh and your Groom’s!
  • Spend time thinking about what your day should be and look like, don’t follow the pattern of your family and friends and don’t be pushed into anything to please others. You only get one chance at this so do it to suit you and the Groom. A little give and take is good but be alert to going down the path others want and not you!
  • Take care of yourself, don’t burn yourself out before your Big Day. Eat well, and regularly, low blood sugar can set in and create more stress. Sleep well and exercise as you normally do.
  • Delegate as much as you can to family, friends, bridesmaids and anyone else in the wedding party. Don’t take every job on yourself.
  • Make time for pampering yourself, if you feel it is getting too much for you then go for a massage, a yoga class, an aromatherapy bubble bath, a even walk to clear your head, or even a night out with friends to switch off and laugh and forget about your worries.
Revs for Honeymoon
Revs for Honeymoon

Reflexology is of course a great way to settle the nerves, and relax yourself during a time of stress and pressure. It will remind you of the excitement and pleasure of planning your wedding and help you make decisions more easily. You will find the things that were overwhelming you are not so big after all, you can see more clearly. The tension in shoulders and neck will be released and you will feel a general sense of calm. Reflexology can also help you sleep better, which is a must when you have so much to do. Most people will be working full-time while also planning a wedding and honeymoon so you need as much sleep as possible to cope with your busy days! Our Revs Reflexology Flip Flops are a great source of relaxation for your honeymoon too, helping to bring you back to down to earth and return your body to its natural balance. Or if you feel you don’t have time for a Reflexology treatment, then wearing Revs could help substitute this treatment. Our Silver and Gold range can also be worn subtly with your dress when the heels get too much!

Congratulations and have a wonderful day and happy marriage!