We are thrilled to launch our new slipper range for men & women,

and just in time for Christmas!

Gifts for mums and dads, Grannies and Grandpas, sisters and brothers, aunts and uncles…..sorted!


With a cozy faux fur lining and of course our scientifically designed reflexology massage footbed, shock-absorbing cushion comfort, and outdoor, sole, these are one-of-a-kind. They look like slippers, but they are no ordinary slippers, they are so much more. The massage footbed maps the contours of your feet and stimulates the pressure points as you sit and walk, so enhancing blood flow, oxygen and nutrients around your body, and all your body’s muscles, organs and cells. Why do we want Good Blood Flow? Because our body has about 60,000 miles of blood vessels. Along with your heart and other muscles, they make up your circulatory system. This network of vessels carries blood to every corner of your body so to stay healthy we need to oxygenate and feed the cells in our body by stimulating the circulatory system, and this is what Revs does for you so effortlessly! This can help so many niggles or health conditions, such as cold feet and hands, dry skin, brittle nails, muscle fatigue, swollen feet and ankles, thrombosis. Find out more about Revs health benefits.

It felt appropriate to name our slippers with a Scottish association or term, as this is where we design our footwear. So we have named them after Scottish Islands:

  • We have called our ladies range of slippers Barra, often referred to as Barra-dise. The experience of wearing Barra ladies slippers is just like the experience of visiting the island, a ‘wee’ slice of paradise, guaranteed to detox your mind and feed your soul.
  • Our men’s range of slippers are called Jura, another beautiful Scottish Island. We chose the name Jura for our Men’s Slippers because we love what the Scottish Isle of Jura offers. The name Jura is believed to come from the Norse meaning ‘Deer Island’, and meeting any of these majestic animals create a sense of  peace, isolation and tranquility, some of the welcoming benefits you might feel when experiencing the massage effects of these Revs® Slippers.

Both the men and women’s slippers are slip-on mule style, available in Chestnut Tan or Mink Grey.

They are the ideal gift this Christmas. We are always looking for a gift that is just a bit different, well look no further Shop Now for Revs® Slippers.


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