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Revs®, meaning ‘Revitalise Your Sole’, is Reflexology Massage Footwear. Effective, comfortable, supportive massage shoes, stylish, suitable for all occasions, and all ages and stages in life. Whether you are a sport fanatic or prefer a more leisurely pace to life, or have specific ailments, Revs® offer a natural healing therapy.
A Classic Look
Timeless styles for casual and smart wear,
indoor and outdoor use
Functional and Versatile
Many uses, Numerous benefits, for old and Young, For the athletes and the Inactive.
Personable and Unique
Colours to suit all moods, vibrant or calm, energetic or relaxing.
A Sophisticated Design
A shoe with a purpose, to create comfort and joy for the sole.
A Natural Therapy
Inspired by Reflexology, an ancient healing art, to enhance health & well-being.
Sorely addictive
an individual experience of curious pleasure and gain.
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