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    Revs Technology Reflexology Massage

    One of the key features of Revs® Footwear is the Reflexology Massage Insole. The technology and design behind Revs uses the science of Reflexology, a natural healing therapy, to stimulate and revitalize the whole body.

    “Reflexology is a science that deals with the principle that there are reflex areas in our feet which correspond to all of the glands, organs and parts of the body” (Dwight C Byers). By stimulating these reflexes in our every day life, it will help to:

    • improve nerve and blood supply, and promote the unblocking of nerve impulses
    • relieve stress and tension
    • bring your body back to its natural balance

    These benefits of reflexology can help prevent or alleviate many health problems, in a natural way. The idea behind Reflexology is not new. In fact, it was practiced as early as 2330 B.C. by the Egyptians. Reflexology as we know it today was first researched and developed by Eunice Ingham, the pioneer of this field. Her first book on Reflexology was published in 1938, and today the practice is used worldwide for the prevention and care of a variety of illnesses, ailments, conditions, or just for elaxation and enjoyment.

    The reflexology foot chart shows where these reflexes are on your feet and how the foot maps to the body.

    Revs® Reflexology Shoes are designed to stimulate these nerve pressure points in your feet. Wearing Revs® is similar to receiving a reflexology treatment, where the reflexology therapist would use her thumbs and fingers to massage and stimulate your reflexes, Revs® uses natural rubber nodules.The Revs® Massage Sole is carefully designed to ensure the nodules are the correct height and width at each part of the foot to ensure it maps to the contours of your feet and you receive an effective level of stimulation and comfort in the right places.

    As you walk or stand, these nodules massage and stimulate all your reflex points on the soles of your feet, which correspond to all of the glands, organs, muscles and parts of the body. When various reflexes are stimulated they induce a healing response. If sensitivity or tenderness is experienced, this may indicate an imbalance or congestion and with repeated wear these channels of blocked energy can be cleared, resulting in improved health.

    The type and duration of any sensitivity is dependent on your individual health, well-being and lifestyle and therefore on what areas of your body are congested, for example, if you suffer from IBS the colon reflex on your foot may feel tender until the toxins are dispelled and the area is decongested, and you should then notice the sensitivity in your feet in this area disappears.

    The level of tenderness may also be due to whether you are suffering from long or short term health conditions, for example, toothache may cause some dull pain for a couple of days, where as, if you have a health condition that has been going on for years, you need to peel away the layers and get to the root of the congestion, so it may take a few weeks of wearing Revs to do this…everyone is different and as a result everyone’s experience of Revs is different – it can be a fascinating journey with Revs every step you take! Please see the wearing recommendations for further information.

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    Revs Technology Shock absorbing sole and cushion comfort

    The materials for Revs have been chosen for the durability, comfort and quality. The natural rubber nodules have been carefully designed to sit within the shape and all the contours of the feet, ensuring the nodules reach every organ, gland and muscle they correspond to within your body. The rubber we use is of the highest quality to ensure the nodules have a stimulating effect yet provide a soft cushioning for your feet to ensure maximum benefit, support and comfort.

    The sole of the Revs shoes also contains elastomer to provide shock absorbing qualities. This not only enhances the effects of the massaging sole but also maximises the cushioning effect of the sole on your feet. It is excellent for people on their feet a lot and who need to minimise the feeling of painful or tired feet and legs.


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    Revs Technology Arch support

    Arch Support and Invisible Orthotic Insole – the design of the Revs® sole incorporates a supportive orthotic arch to ensure the foot is supported at the right position and will assist with good posture and stance. Many of us adopt walking habits which can counteract good posture, causing problems with your spine, shoulders, knees etc.

    The best walking technique is when you land heel first with each step. You should then roll through the foot and push off with your toes. If you hear a slap-slap when your foot lands, you’re landing too abruptly, rather than rolling smoothly.

    It is really important to ensure you wear the correct footwear to adjust your walking technique for optimum posture and stance so you do not affect other areas of your body, and this is where Revs can help. The bi0-mechanics of Revs keeps both bones and joints in correct alignment, reducing strain on ligaments and muscles, allowing your body to work more efficiently.

    The arch support is also useful for people with flat feet or for those who need orthotic insoles. Revs provides a summer solution for orthotic footwear.

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    Revs Technology Natural Therapy for your Body

    About two-thirds of leg muscles work together to pump blood back towards the heart. Veins concentrate in the soles of the feet and pressing and stimulating them appropriately promotes the blood flow throughout your body. The increase in blood flow and circulation may also help to keep your feet warm and boost your energy levels.

    The experiment carried out by the Shizuoka Industrial Technology Centre shows how much the sole surface temperature increases after wearing Reflexology Shoes for 30 minutes.

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    Revs Technology In-Yo – balance mind and body

    The IN-YO is a symbol of healing and represents a state of ‘creative harmony’ or ‘dynamic balance’ IN-YO is an optimum state of being, which is why we have it at the centre of our Revs Logo – IN-Yo as the very centre of our philosophy, for all our products, and to our way of working. We aim for harmony and balance to be at the very core of everything we do.

    The IN-YO symbol is comprised of the Sun-disc and the Crescent Moon, with the kanji character: tora [or: ko] ‘tiger’ on the left and the kanji character: tatsu [or: ryo] ‘dragon’ on the right.

    The tiger is symbolic of Nature, the Earth & physicality; the dragon represents the Cosmos, Heaven & spirituality.

    Sun & Moon, Heaven & Earth, the Cosmos & Nature, Physicality & Spirituality – the IN-YO essentially represents the dynamic interplay of all existence – the interplay between hard and soft, tension and relaxation, inhaling and exhaling, activity and rest, waking and sleeping.

    The Japanese term IN-YO loosely equates with the Chinese concept of Yin-Yang, the term which perhaps more people are familiar with. In traditional Chinese medicine good health is directly related to the balance between yin and yang qualities. If yin and yang become unbalanced, there is an imbalance or deficiency in the body.