Arch support

Arch Support and Invisible Orthotic Insole – the design of the Revs® sole incorporates a supportive orthotic arch to ensure the foot is supported at the right position and will assist with good posture and stance. Many of us adopt walking habits which can counteract good posture, causing problems with your spine, shoulders, knees etc.

The best walking technique is when you land heel first with each step. You should then roll through the foot and push off with your toes. If you hear a slap-slap when your foot lands, you’re landing too abruptly, rather than rolling smoothly.

It is really important to ensure you wear the correct footwear to adjust your walking technique for optimum posture and stance so you do not affect other areas of your body, and this is where Revs can help. The bi0-mechanics of Revs keeps both bones and joints in correct alignment, reducing strain on ligaments and muscles, allowing your body to work more efficiently.

The arch support is also useful for people with flat feet or for those who need orthotic insoles. Revs provides a summer solution for orthotic footwear.