Reflexology and Pain Relief

It has been found that Reflexology may be as effective as painkillers, according to a small study carried out by the University of Portsmouth. Researchers have found that people felt about 40 per cent less pain, and were able to … Continued

The Top Colour Trends Of Spring/Summer

As seen at London Fashion Week Spring 2018 We are seeing a mix of bright and pastel colours, and of course the core basics or classics that are the mainstay of everyone’s wardrobe. The classics are helpful as a foundation … Continued

Reflexology for Fibromyalgia

What is Fibromyalgia? Fibromyalgia (or sometimes referred to as muscular rheumatism, or fibrositis) can be a long-term, debilitating and chronic condition. This condition is diagnosed by widespread pain and tenderness over most of the body. Other symptoms include insomnia, or difficulty … Continued

Making Life Easier

Life can be hard, but we are here to enjoy it…you only live once they say so let’s make the most if it…make it easier so you can enjoy the good times! So many of us suffer from busy lives … Continued

Revs New Range of Reflexology Massage Footwear

Revs® To Launch New Range of Reflexology Massage Footwear, introducing Classic and Retro Styles and Colours. This is Reflexology Footwear In a New Light! We have been working very hard on designing and developing the most comfortable, stylish, classic and … Continued

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