Why are Revs® Massage Insoles So Good for Skiing & SnowBoarding?

  • The footbed on Revs® Massage Insoles distributes the pressure in the soles of your feet, allowing quicker response time and greater comfort. Ball of foot pain, arch fatigue, heel pain or plantar fasciitis, and slow turn response can all be improved by a supportive foot-bed. Most ski and snowboard boots come with a standard foot-bed, but very few of them offer more than token support. Even if you don’t experience pain with the standard insoles, you will see a benefit from experiencing more uniform support under your entire foot, as the nodules amp the contours of your feet, and keep your feet in place.
  • If you have issues with stability, e.g arches that collapse when you are weight bearing, or a foot that rolls, a stabilizing footbed can help keep your feet and ankles in position so you reduce or remove any pronation (ankle rolls in) or supination (ankle rolls out). This will help reduce fatigue and allows your ankles to move more naturally.
    A supportive foot bed can also help constrain your foot in both the length and width, allowing you to wear a smaller shell size and gain more precision in your fit.
  • Some people use their custom made orthotics for their shoe, supplied by their podiatrist, in their ski or snowboard boots but this may not be the best solution. Hard orthotics (especially half length) can be uncomfortable in hard bottomed ski boots and are often too wide to fit a ski boot shell. The footbed of Revs Insoles offer support along with some flexibility and cushioning – remember that ski boot interiors are normally rock hard, while street and running shoes have some give.
  • Revs Footbed contains massage nodules in various heights and widths to map the contours of your feet, so stimulate the soles of your entire feet, especially when weight bearing. This causes increased blood flow and circulation, helping to not only keep your feet warm, but your whole body, so takes away the need for foot or toe warmers if you tend to need these.
  • What is also extremely useful is to use or transfer your Revs Insoles to your own shoes after a day on the slopes and you will find it helps to reduce muscle and joint fatigue and revitalize tired, cold or aching feet and limbs. Stiff knees, sore calves and ankles are common complaints of skiing, and Revs, with regular use, will help to remedy these ailments, making you ski-ready for the slopes each day.
  • The Key Features of the Revs Massage Insoles are summarized below.

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