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Reflexology & The Menopause

Reflexology & The Menopause

May 2022 saw the release of Davina McCall's documentary, ‘Sex, Myths and Menopause’, a programme exploring a woman’s journey through the menopause. The noise created on social media, in the news and on social forums by Davina’s documentary has been staggering. 
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Something new this way comes… All New Revs®

Something new this way comes… All New Revs®

Since starting our reflexology journey over 10 years ago, Revs® Reflexology Footwear has helped thousands of customers revitalise their body and sole through our massage sandals, slippers and insoles. And while we’re extremely proud of the results we have achieved, eventually there comes a time when one chapter has to end and another begins. 

Now is that time. 

A New Chapter

2020 and 2021 have become two of the toughest years many will face. Covid19 took life as we knew it and turned it on its head. Bringing with it grief, uncertainty and, for many, a new way of thinking. 

During the lockdowns, we took the time to reflect and evaluate the past years and map out a new path for our brand. 

After countless hours with designers and reviewing new vegan materials, we are extremely excited to announce 16 brand new Revs® Reflexology Sandal styles and countless new colourways!

New Look, Same Revs®

Our new styles are designed to be more fashion friendly. Perfect for wearing as part of any outfit. Inspired by the tranquillity and natural beauty of our homeland, Scotland, you’ll find each style is named after a Scottish Loch. Let us introduce you to the first new arrivals…


Our beautiful Maree sandals will come in multiple colours including navy, gold and turquoise. 

The strap wraps beautifully around your foot, keeping it snug, soft and light against your feet whilst the knitted material allows for some flexibility.

The cushion comfort footbed with arch support and massage nodules have created a comfort level that is unbeatable. 

revs reflexology maree sandals


The Shiel sandal is a showstopper. Designed to be worn casually with linens or out to dinner on holiday, the gold cheetah design is perfect for adding something special to your outfit. Also available in black, tan and a beautiful sunshine yellow, the Shiel sandal also features an adjustable strap for those who need a wider fit or suffer from heat swelling.

revs reflexology shiel sandals


Inspired by our popular Gigha Revs® Reflexology Sliders, the Katrine sandal is an elevated design and style. With beautiful gold, silver cheetah print, black and tan options, this sandal also features a pretty buckle design that adds a touch of class. 

revs reflexology katrine sandals


This criss-cross style is one of our more dressy styles great for pairing with linen trousers or a floaty maxi dress.

Not only do the Arkaig sandals look beautiful, but they boast a more supportive strap that is also adjustable for maximum comfort.

revs reflexology arkaig sandals

As with all our Revs® Reflexology sandals - both past and present - each style features our signature rubber nodes on the sole that stimulate the reflexes in your sole. Along with our orthotic arch support and cushion comfort sole to aid muscle recovery, help fight fatigue, back pain and treat plantar fasciitis. 

Ready to add our new styles to your Revs® collection? Or use our new Revs® styles as your first taste of the magic reflexology sandals can do?

Find your perfect pair here

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REVS - Footwear With A Purpose

REVS - Footwear With A Purpose

When founder and owner Jen started Revs Reflexology Footwear, it was with the sole purpose to provide people with the benefits of reflexology in a more convenient and time effective way than booking treatments (although these are still great to keep up).
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Mental Health Awareness Week at Revs Store

Mental Health Awareness Week

The theme for this Mental Health Awareness Week is Loneliness. Feeling alone doesn't necessarily mean you're cut off from other people. Some of the loneliest people are surrounded by others, but it's how you connect emotionally that makes all the difference.
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World Earth Day 2022

World Earth Day 2022

The Earth Day 2022 Theme is Invest In Our Planet. What Will You Do?  Scroll down to find information on Earth Day events, activities, and what individuals and organizations can do to make a difference. 

For Earth Day 2022, together, for everyone, everything, every day…

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The Perfect Mother’s Day Gift Guide

The Perfect Mother’s Day Gift Guide

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, we thought we’d take a minute to show you some amazing gift ideas for every Mum out there!
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An Honest Review From A Revs Customer

An Honest Review From A Revs Customer

Read an honest review from Ann, Rural Coffee Caravan owner, Plantar Fasciitis sufferer and new Revs customer. Discover how Ann overcame pain, burning and day-to-day misery using Revs slippers and insoles.
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Self Care For The Sole

Self Care For The Sole

Self-care comes in many different forms. To some, a walk is a form of self care, others it's a massage or some retail therapy. No matter what, self care is extremely important not just for our mental health but also our physical health.
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5 Ways Revs reflexology footwear can help your fitness journey

5 Ways Revs Can Help You In Your Fitness Journey

Every January we start the month feeling sluggish, unfit and like we need a ‘fresh start’ after the festive period. Some people may head to the gym to start a new routine, others may look to other activities such as running, athletics and classes (yoga, Les Mes or even Peloton). No matter what you’re doing to kick start your fitness journey, Revs Reflexology Footwear is the perfect partner.
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Revs Gifts for Her

Revs Gifts for Her

Looking for the perfect gift for a special lady in your life? We've got the solution. Discover our range of sandals, flip flops and insoles that are just perfect for the women in your life.
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Revs Reflexology Gifts For Men

Revs Gift For Him

Stuck for a gift for Dad? Or you uncle, brother, brother-in-law, brother and just your friend? We've put together a list of gifts that make gift giving easy!
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Revs Reflexology Sandals, Flip Flops, Insoles and Slippers

Festive Treat From Revs

It’s finally the Festive Season, although to us, it certainly doesn’t feel like a year has passed since last Christmas. 

To help celebrate the Festive period and to help you treat your loved ones to comfort and joy for the sole, we’ve put together some Festive Treats for all on some of your favourite Revs styles. 

Acupressure Massage Slippers

2 Pairs For £100 Saving An Amazing £40

Our Barra and Jura Reflexology and Acupressure Slippers are perfect for Mum, Dad, Gran, Grandpa, Aunt, Uncle etc. With a choice of tan or grey in both styles, these slippers have become a firm favourite with our customers in colder climates. 

Not only do they look good, but both styles offer arch support, a shock-absorbing insole and a durable outsole making them great for ‘indoor living’ and nipping out into the garden. 

Revs Reflexology Slippers Revs Reflexology Slippers 

Discover a slice of Barra-dise and our Jura styles.

Take £20 off your Treks

Designed with the science of reflexology in mind, our Trek sandals are great for those looking for a little extra support. The ankle strap keeps your foot in place and allows peace of mind when walking. 

Our Treks are great for those who frequently walk outdoors through parks or woodland areas. The added arch support and shock-absorbing sole help to create balance, increase blood flow and improve your posture while walking. 


Revs Reflexology Trek Sandals



Check out our Treks here

A Tenner Off Tirees

Alongside our Retro Chics and Flip Flips, our single strap Tiree Sandals are one of our most popular styles and it’s easy to see why. They provide the benefits of a reflexology massage with added arch support and a shock-absorbing sole. As with all Revs products, our Tirees are 100% vegan and PeTA approved.


Revs Reflexology Tiree Sandals


Treat your feet to the Tiree with £10 off this Christmas

Half Price Insoles When You Spend Over £50

Imagine feeling the benefits of a reflexology massage while wearing your favourite heels, or when you’re out walking in your trainers. Well, that’s exactly what you can do with our acupressure insoles. 

Our insoles are the no. 1 insole for plantar fasciitis sufferers and heel pain and are perfect for people with flat feet.


Revs Reflexology Insoles


Spend over £50 and get your insoles for only £15 

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